The Committee to Expose the Public Trustee

The Committee to Expose the Public Trustee is a group of family, carers and friends of people who are clients (some prefer the word victims) of the Public Trustee. We were all struggling in our personal circumstances against the Public Trustee who as substituted decision maker has consistently and systematically ignored the needs and will of our loved ones. The Public Trustee has committed them to poverty and isolation and charged very high fees to do it, including charging their clients (victims) for legal fees used by the Public Trustee to oppose the needs and will of their clients. We have all been round and round the roundabout of complaints, requests for reviews and appeals but are powerless in their system and our loved ones have even less power.

A few of us had heard about each other and met to discuss our common problems which did not just involve the Public Trustee but also the Public Guardian and Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal and the law itself – the Guardianship and Administration Act.

Each of our own circumstances were very different, some of us are caring for old people, others for young people, some for people who need a lot of support but have been prevented from getting it and others who just need the support of friends and family but have been institutionalised. There are others living normal lives in the community except they are not allowed to make normal personal decisions about their lives. The common denominator amongst us all is the the Public Trustee has taken homes, money and assets from our loved ones and spent it on their own fees and bad investments against the will of their clients (victims) who have had their lives severely restricted as a result.

We decided to form a committee to try and do something about the situation.

Please support us by signing our petition here – HUMAN RIGHTS FOR CLIENTS OF QLD PUBLIC TRUSTEE AND PUBLIC GUARDIAN

If you have a story of your experience with the Queensland adult guardianship system that you would like to share, there are details how to do that on the personal stories page.


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