They left only his hat

(This is just a small part of this person’s story. His supporters have previously published the whole story and been order by QCAT to remove it)

Somewhere between 7am and 10 am on Thursday 15 October 2014 they came for him at his home in Sunnybank.

His carer had just left for work. No warning was given to his’s unpaid carer or his support people despite the fact that we are all listed in various government agencies as his friends and support people.

He has been in good health and in good spirits. His mind is active and his memory good.

They took him away and they took his wife’s ashes too. They left his hat.

They left his two dogs (Phoebe and Harry) at the glass front door. I saw them waiting patiently for him when I arrived at 10 am. When I asked people at the local shopping centre if they had seen him, they said that they knew him but had not seen him.

Those that took him have a motto: ‘Protecting the rights of vulnerable Queenslanders’.

‘They’ call themselves the Public Guardian of Queensland (until recently, the Adult Guardian).

We are concerned about the mental anguish they have caused him by taking him from his home.

The Public Guardian refused to tell his carer or support people where they put him and would not give any reasons why.

We have made written complaint to both the Public Guardian and the Ombudsman.

We have complained in person to the Brisbane Manager of the Adult Guardian and to the Public Trustee.

We have sought an order from Qld Civil Administration Tribunal (QCAT) for the Public Guardian to be removed as his guardian and that he be returned home. To no avail. He has been locked up in a high security RSL facility on the Sunshine Coast for six long months, over 100 kilometres away from his friends and supporters.

None have responded to our questions or given reasons for their actions.